luni, 9 martie 2009

Obsessed . . .

I'm obsessed with:
  1. a boy.
  2. the songs I have in the playlist on the blog.
  3. my gray mélange sweater.
  4. messages I have with Dana.
  5. full moons (like tonight).
  6. pinks sunrise with the sun from the seaside.
  7. English language exam.
  8. my bracelet with purple balls.
  9. my calendar with the coolest guys.
  10. my Twilight poster.
  11. conversation on the messenger (the unending ones).
  12. my sun glasses.
  13. coming summer.
  14. results from national exams.
  15. Milka chocolate.
  16. dance.
  17. CooL Girl magazines.
  18. fashion.
  19. I'm obsessed by the way I look(a little bit, but I am. Who wouldn't be?)

4 comentarii:

  1. hmmm...
    cu ce baiat, adelina?:))
    Fitiar mesajele sa'ti fie.
    O sa le sterg intr'o zi>:)

  2. ai zis k mai scrii:))
    si dak te intrebi ce naiba fac eu acum, iti zic k am intrat pe blogul tau k sa mai asc mel de la requiem for a dream...

  3. /\
    reply for Danaa^^: o sa mai scriu cand am sa mai gasesc un subiect bun care merita intors pe toate partile:p.